04 November 2008

Oops I did it again!

And like dear Ms. Spears, I never should have done it the first time.

Halloween 2008. Looking much like the failed attempt of Halloween 2007 only in different colors and with a very cool hat.

Once again, I wore my Sunburst Cocoon Coat from Folkware (that I am now retiring in order to make the newly released Poirot coat!!!). Once again, I made the Decades of Style zig zag dress and once again, through NO FAULT of the pattern but entirely because I am not suited to 1920s styles and not talented enough to make it look good anyways, I looked not so great in it.

The one favorable addition this year was the hat. I got the pattern from the Vintage Pattern Lending Library and it is called the 1920 Paris Cloche Hat. The VPLL was great to work with and I highly recommend them. The pattern was typical for a vintage pattern--not a lot of instruction, but not hard to figure out if you have some basic sewing skills in your arsenal. I really dig the hat.

Oh yes, and the other bright spot in this tragedy were my shoes. They are from Remix Vintage and I love them. :-)

Another addition this year was a punkin that I carved in an Art Deco style to thematically match my costume. It also did not turn out as gorgeous as it appeared in my head.

Next year, NO 1920s!!!! No matter how perfect my hair is!! NO NO NO!!! Maybe Elizabethan or Victorian. Or even if I insist on being more practical, something from the 1940s or 50s.

If I mention the 1920s again, you all have my permission to slap me into sense.

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