16 January 2008

Halloween 2007

Warning to all ye snarkers:
The following costumes include blatent decade mixing, willfull period-inappropriate alterations to perfectly good vintage patterns, and cheap synthetic fabrics. I know better, I swear. But as this was for an office Halloween party, I decided not to care. If such things bother you, read no further. The author will not be held responsible for the burning of eyes or inducing of gag reflexes for any and all readers of this material.

As previously described, my 2007 Halloween costume. I did not have pink hair when the original outfits were worn and I actually styled it all cute that day. But since the pictures from that day were lost, I couldn't be bothered to do it again just for a five minute photo shoot.

This is the Decades of Style Zig Zag Dress. I screwed up the neckline when I did it and had to add that little triangle dark teal piece to hide it, but I think it looks intentional as it matches the zigzaggyness of the skirt pieces. The skirt has piping made out of the lighter teal fabric between each panel.

Folkwear coat, made pretty much as the pattern states. I shortened it quite a bit, but that is the only alteration I made. It does run HUUUUGGEE though. I went down two sizes from what I usually do and it was still quite large. I know it is supposed to fit that way to some degree, but I think I could have gone even smaller and still maintained the look.

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