18 January 2008

Flashback Friday, the first.

I love the flashback fridays that Sharon does, so I am going to try to do them myself.

This flashback is from about 6 years ago, when I was talked into making the wedding dress for one of my swing dancing friends. Her wedding in general had a 1940s swing feel to it. She talked me into making zoot suits for the groom and best man. Then somehow her mom--who was supposed to make the bridesmaid dresses and hats--couldn't handle it, so I made them too. And then made an outfit and hat for myself as well. All over a period of two months. I never called in sick to work as much as I did during those two months---simply from pure exhaustion from staying up the night before and sewing. But it all turned out lovely. (I'm the one in red).

This week I am focusing on the hat and dress I made for myself--I will prolly talk about the other outfits in the pics (I made them ALL) some other week.

My dress is the now OOP vintage vogue pattern 2610. The fabric is a polyester with a really nice hand--I actually thought it was mismarked at the store because it didn't have that weird synthetic fabric feel. I made several alterations to the dress to make it fit me. I had to take it in a lot at the waist (oh how I wish I still needed to do this kind of alteration!), changed the snaps to a side zipper, and I attached the skirt in a different spot. I added back darts to the bodice and skirt for a more fitted look. I also made the skirt fuller for better twirlyness when dancing.

The hat was loosely based on a Vogue hat pattern--I can't find the number right now--but there were so many problems with the pattern that I ended up just fiddling with it and ignoring the pattern until it looked like the picture.

I dated the best man for a while and he was my dance partner. He is the one we all refer to as The Devil because he was eeeevvvviiillll. I am friends with him now and he makes a MUCH better friend than boyfriend. But then again, if he hadn't broken me and if The Boy hadn't been around to cuddle and console me through it, The Boy and I might never have broken that friendship barrier and be getting married ourselves in (GULP) nine months. Everything happens for a reason.


Becky said...

I have a friend who's an avid swing dancer-- she would absolutely LOVE this wedding.

Brooke said...

swing dancing is an addiction---one of the few i have that is GOOD for me. balances out the chocolate addition a little bit. :-)

Sharon said...

I can't believe I missed this post! I LOVE these pictures! The outfits are fantastic and oh my goodness you all look like you are having such a great time! Love the story of the evil ex-boyfriend, especially the happy ending :-)

A glance at my world said...

I love all the outfits! It would be so cool if I could swing dance. BTW I totally do Flashback Friday on my blog too :)