05 November 2007

dear camera, rip

I was a flapper for Halloween and made a neato dress and the most fabulous cocoon coat. And even remembered to take lots of pictures.

But camera died, with all the pictures therein. I will see if I can recruit The Boy to take pictures again sometime this week.

In the meantime, here are the patterns I used

Zig Zag Dress from Decades of Style

#260 Sunburst Cocoon Coat from Folkwear Patterns

I do wish that Folkwear's first cocoon coat pattern wasn't out of print (503 Poiret Cocoon Coat), because I covet it desperately. If any of y'all happen to know where I can find it, lemme know!

And yes, I realize the coat is more teens than 20s. But it was for an office Halloween party and I knew no one there would know and it was better than a modern coat. Plus it matched my shoes, and I love those shoes far more than I should. Awesome shoes forgive all fashion faux pas. That is my new philosophy and I plan to live by it from now on. :-)


mameloot said...

Fabulous news for you!!! I, too, have been searching desperately for Folkwear #503 - Poiret Cocoon Coat. I just received an email from Folkwear. With some very minor changes to their title page, they have clearance to print this pattern again. It's in production and will hopefully be available in early July (if Murphy's Law doesn't get wind of the project).

Other OOP Folkwear patterns that will be coming back include: #508 Traveling Suit. Later on this year, we will also re-publish #502 Russian Cossack Uniform and #506 Equestriennes.

Keep your eyes out for it!

Brooke said...

I can't even talk about how excited this makes me!!! In fact, I WON'T talk about it just in case that might curse it into not happening.

Thanks SO MUCH for the heads up!!!

Marji said...

I just got off the phone with Kay at Folkwear, and the pattern (503) has come in, and although it's not on the website yet, I ordered one and she's shipping it today.