25 October 2007

Diamonds--They [are] Rock!

My very first Burda World of Fashion effort! Yay! This is pattern 105 from the 7/2007 issue. Ignore the green--it is a dress that was already on my dress form and I was too lazy to take it off before dressing her in the shirt.

Front: Back:

Fabric: Do I really have to tell you? Gorgeous Fabrics, of course. I love this fabric because it is ever so slightly sparkley, but not so much that it blinds people when I walk in the room. Just gives a little shimmer when I move.

Changes and Notes: Since the fabric was so Diamond-y, I squared off the round hole in the back so it had a more diamond shape.

I also added my usual couple inches in length since I was going to wear this dancing--if it was for everyday wear, the given length would have been perfect.

It took me about a billion tries to get that knot tied so it wasn't all wonky, and I am never ever ever untieing it. But otherwise, this pattern went together great!!

Conclusion: I love this shirt because I am always looking for variations on the basic knit top, since I wear them so much. I took it for a test dance and it was complimented by many. The hole is just high enough that the leads don't end up touching my bare back, which is disconcerting for me and for them. And I am already planning my next Burda effort.


kasizzle said...

Love the top! I've had my eye on this fabric and I'm glad to see it made up. Maybe I'll have to get some.

Sharon said...

I love this top! Especially the surprise opening on the back.

Gorgeous Things said...

Oh, I love it! I just finished a dress to wear to DS' very first ballroom dance competition, and I was thinking of you while I was sewing it! The back opening makes it!

Becky said...

Very nice! I like how the cutout in the back reflects the pattern on the fabric.