24 September 2007

Hexy Shirt

So there I was, all ready to make another scoop neck Simplicity 4076. And then I handed myself this note:

Dear Self,
Stop. Seriously, remember when you were counting your patterns and stopped with embarrassment when you hit the triple digits? Perhaps you should try one of your 15 or so new patterns sitting in your drawer rather than yet another version of this pattern. Just a thought.
Love, Me

So I pulled out New Look 6729.

I was a little askaird of it, but Me could not be denied. And here is the result.


Pattern Description: I made view C, the short sleeve version without the belt tie. I thought this was a neat variation on a wrap top.

How Were the Instructions? They were fine, easy to follow. But this shirt was only three pieces, so I really didn't refer to them too much.

Fabric Used: A knit print from Gorgeous Fabrics. But of course. I think I am single-handedly paying for at least one of her son's future college education. :-)

Alterations or Changes? I tried to do a FBA, but I need to figure out how to do a better/bigger adjustment, because the underbust seam isn't actually under my bust. It is a little low cut for me, especially for dancing. I actually have it pinned shut here--it naturally opened a little lower than the picture.

I also like my tops a little longer, again for dancing, but it is a fine length for just wearing with jeans or such. The hem is actually even across my hips in person, it just looks ridey-uppy in the picture.

Would I Make it Again? I really like the style and think it could be flattering. It is just a matter if I want to fuss with it to figure out how to make the changes I need. I think this could become one of my favorites (especially if I lose a few pounds and thus don't need to mess with it more)


Sharon said...

Hi Brooke!

I'm glad you commented about the perspective of the fashion advice/makeover workshop at a professional conference - I hadn't quite thought it through and you make a very good point. If I attended a professional conference in my field with my peers and that was a featured speaker I think I might be a bit insulted also.
BTW, I'm not a librarian but I've worked a few years behind the scenes at a library system. Seeing what librarians *really* do makes me appreciate them even more.

And the tops you've been working on will be great for your behind the scenes work. This one is great! I didn't do an FBA but I did lower the bust point by one inch. Here's the link to it on my blog in case you didn't see it. http://sharonsews.blogspot.com/2007/08/new-look-6729-review.htmlThere's a photo of the pattern piece - you'd be proud...a lazy alteration :-)

Mom2fur said...

That's a beautiful pattern, and you did a great job! I have to alter all my patterns. I'm busty, but I'm petite across the shoulders and not so big around the rib cage. (I used to have an hourglass figure, but there's a lot more sand in the middle of the hourglass now, LOL!) It's a pain having to fix a pattern so it fits across my bustline, but isn't too big in the shoulders. And sleeves? I'm only 5'2" tall--I generally have to cut 3 inches off the sleeves, LOL!
I never get those 'under the bustline' seams to fit just right, either. Sometimes, I swear they design these patterns for women with b**b jobs (you know, the kind that defy gravity)...not real women.
As far as being low-cut, it doesn't seem so in the photo. But you could wear a pretty lace camisole under it, or a lacy tank top. But it looks great by itself!

Mimi said...

The shirt looks great on you! Love it.


Mary Sarah said...

Hi! Just found your blog and after reading through a few posts, I found a friend! Your new top looks great. I'm trying to get back into sewing for myself and seem to mess up more than I accomplish. I love gorgeous fabrics too.