10 September 2007

Ye Olde Simplicity 4076

The wrap version this time. I think I like the other version I did better, but this one is pretty nice.

Fabric is from Gorgeous Fabrics, natch.
I did a FBA and added a little to the length, but other than that this one went together with not a lot of work.

I am still learning to fit this significantly heavier body of mine, so the fit isn't all I would like it to be. But still, it fits better than most RTW and it survived a night of swing dancing with no wardrobe malfunctions, so I suppose I am happy with it.


Tamara said...

This blouse turned out nicely. I like the fun print. I will agree with you that the other one you made of the same pattern turned out a little better. I love the contrasting fabrics on the other blouse. But, this is why we sew. Trial and Error. Always learning something new about what we like and what we don't. Sew on!

Gorgeous Things said...

I think I prefer the scoop neck version of this pattern myself. I've made both the scoop and the wrap twice, and I just have much better luck with the scoop. Your top turned out great though!

Linda said...

Love the fabric. Why don't I see these fabrics when I go to her site.