14 January 2008

fake vintage

Oh fake vintage shoes, how do I love thee.

Let me count the ways....

I love you when you are black and grey because I can wear you with everything.

I love you when you are an odd shade of green, because then you are on sale.

I love you when you have buttons, because they make you so cute.

I love you when you are famous, so the ladies in the shop tell me (you will be worn by angelina jolie in an upcoming movie, but I had you first).

I love that I can dance in you and not worry about breaking you.

I love you so much, that I display you in my dining roon--I can't bear to closet you.


lsaspacey said...

I recognize two of them. Are they all ReMix Vintage shoes?

Brooke said...

yup. i love them. they look pretty and with an insole, they are comfy to dance in too!