30 October 2008

Bad Me, No cookie!

The more I look at my wedding pics, the more boo-boos I see on the dresses. Sigh. I wish now I had taken (or had really) the time and cash to have that private fitting session with the professional. Neither dress really fit me as nicely as it could. And when better to do that than for my wedding dress!

Part of the problem was is that I kept thinking I was going to lose weight so was "saving" the fitting until I was my Final Size. And I did lose 15 pounds, but nothing in the two months before the wedding, so I had plenty of time.


Both The Husband (!) and I are doing the extreme hardcore exercise series P90X (the one on all the infomercials) and are hoping to get to our slim and trim figures that we had back when we met. And maybe next year we will dress up in cool (vintage!) clothes and hire our wedding photographer to do a day in the city with us. That way we have those picture to drool over too. And hopefully not find fault with.

Ignore my ramblings. Just post-wedding blues maybe.


Gorgeous Things said...

Don't beat yourself up. From where I sit you look fabulous and so does the dress. Now go have a nice glass of wine and a cuddle with the hubby and you'll feel much better, promise!

Saith the old married fart...

Lory said...

Isn't it funny how we become so critical of our work? I get like that too. We see a million mistakes that others don't see. I assure you, that dress is gorgeous, and you look like a princess in it. Congratulations on your wedding. :):):):)