27 October 2008

More Wedding Madness

I took a few more pics yesterday with a friend of the ceremony dress, since I wore it so little at the wedding.

You can see here, I went with the embroidered buttons. And now looking at it I wonder if the red ones would have been better. And holy cow, why didn't someone tell me it wrinkled so badly in back. Although folks tell me that it didn't look that wrinkled during the actual ceremony. Hmmm. But this shows the train nicely.

Photo by Rosemary

Studio shot of me and Trey.

Photo by Rosemary

Looking at all the wedding photos for pictures that show's Trey's suit, I realize how very bride focused weddings are. Not that I am complaining. But here are a few that show Trey's suit in part at least. As you can see, the time constraints bit me in the butt and it became a two piece rather than a three piece suit. I finished the jacket about midnight the night before the wedding, so there was no way I was going to try to do a vest then. I made the jacket, pants, and the tie.

Photos by Rosemary

I will try to convince Trey to do a few sewing room photos to show some of the construction details. I think he is getting tired of being a groom/model though. :-)


Summerset said...

Don't have any regrets over the buttons! You make a lovely couple and have some amazing photos to remember your special day.

Lisa said...

You look fabulous! Your hubby looks great! What a wonderful wedding you must have had.

Gorgeous Things said...

You both look totally amazing! Congratulations!!!

Alviana said...

Absolutely beautiful dress! Nice work! I wish i have more times to sew my own too, but things had past. U have such a wonderful blissful memory. Both of u look great. :)

susan said...

Now those red buttons, as cute as they are, could have looked like you backed into some raspberries. The whole style and integrity of your wedding and its exquisite details is so impressive. No need to change a thing or loose an ounce! This was the unique moment of your wedding - enjoy it as we are!