24 October 2008

Save me from me.


Why am I so drawn to the 1920s when the clothes from that era are completely wrong for me? Short round hourglass girls should look away from the 1920s.

Halloween looms next week. I have the cute 1920s bob haircut. My fingers are itching to make a cute 1920s outfit to go with it.

NO! I MUST NOT! I tried to do this last year and although the coat was fabulous, the Decades of Style ZigZag dress (through NO fault of the pattern, which is wonderful) did not look so good on me.

Oh Eva Dress, why must you issue this pattern in multisize, to tempt me into fashion disaster once again.

I hate you.

I love you.


p.s. Yes, there will be more wedding clothes posts. Many pictures of the suit and both dresses are to come. Patience, grasshoppers.

1 comment:

Summerset said...

Oh, I'm right there with you, except for me it is the 50's wiggle dresses! Why, oh why, am I a short hourglass a little heavy on the bottom? Wiggle dresses make me look like a blocky little rectangle as short as I am wide, but I love them!