23 July 2009

I am not girly

I particpated in a quilatlong over at Old Red Barn Co and ended up with a bunch of girly squares, enough to make two lap quilts or one ginormous quilts. I decided to make two smaller ones. Here is the general layout for both:

I got one top sewn together but haven't put together the other top or made any efforts in that direction. And haven't put together a back or batting for either of them.

And honestly, I may not ever bother. Cause....I just don't like it. I used the Paula Prass Flights of Fancy fabric line (as that increased my number of entries in the giveaway that I didn't win :-P). While there is NOTHING wrong with the fabric, it really isn't my style. It was probably good for me to do something outside my comfort zone, but since I don't really care for the result and don't have anyone particular to gift these to, they may stay in the UFO pile for a long long time.
There are too many projects that do inspire me, that the ones that end up only so so don't ever get finished unless I am making them for someone else and feel obligated to do so. I suppose I could finish them and give them to my sisters, but then I would have to come up with something to make for my brother and mom and niece and nephew and the whole rest of the world.

Ah well.

Bella does not approve.


Myra said...

Pretty colors and fabric, but seem really busy with the layout. What if you did the rail fence but took out every other block and alternated rail fences with something more solid... Then theres enough for 3-4 quilts...

patsijean said...

Instead of doing a "fancy" quilting job, why not make a quilt sandwich, stitch around the edges, turn and topstitch. Then instead of quilting, tie the squares at each corner (depending on the size of the squares, of course). These casual quilts can be donated to a charity such as the Union Mission (here in Nashville) which helps disadvantaged and homeless persons, or donate the quilts to a battered women's shelter. Children taken into these shelters need comfort.

gwensews said...

But--the good thing is you learned something about yourself. And isn't that wht all this sewing is really about?

Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm with the others...finish them off as smaller quilts, even baby blankets, and donate it all to charity.

Sometimes just the process of sewing is what is needed to soothe the soul...not the finished project.

Susan said...

I think that means you have approval. lol. My cat use to do that all the time. The only time I'd take it as a bad sign, was when she'd threw up all over it. True story, sadly enough. lol