30 July 2009

Wedding present quilt

Here is the quilt I had the yellow quandry about. As you can see, I did end up taking out the yellow bits--although I agree with the commenters that it gave it a kinda groovy vibe. But since it was a wedding gift and the recipient choose the fabric line, I decided I shouldn't stray from those colors.

Front of quilt

Back of quilt

Embroidered patch on back.

I had some scraps left over and decided to make a coordinating quilted tote bag to "wrap" it in.

And once the bag was made, it kept gaping open so I made these two little love birdies to weight it closed--appropriate for a wedding gift I thought!

The ribbons are just pinned into the bag, so they can remove them and use them as ornaments or whatever they like.


Anonymous said...

How Lovely! The tote bag is completely perfect, especially with the birdies.

May they be blessed with a long and happy marriage!

Chris said...

Love the quilt and the tote. and the birdies! What a great idea to keep it closed and keeping in the wedding theme. Very nice.

thehardings said...

That is a beautiful wedding quilt and I absolutely love the tote and doves.

Bek said...

I love it! I like it without the yellow now i see it. Nice birdies too.