20 July 2009

Truck quilt, completed!

Sorry for the long silence. I had a week off from work and have been actually sewing a lot, which means no time wasted on the computer. I had a heck of a time catching up with my blog reader when I finally logged on!

But here is one thing I finished in my sewing frenzy--a quilt for a toddler who loves trucks and cars.

Front of quilt

On the black sashing I quilted yellow lines so it looked a bit like roads. Then I did straight lines going in various directions on the blocks

Close up of Dump Truck Applique

Toddler's initials embroidered on.

Back of quilt

Used up the spare fabric from the front in a stoplight formation.

I believe this quilt was a birthday present he received this past weekend (his grandmother asked me to make it). I hope he liked it!


Tamara said...

This truck quilt is adorable!

gwensews said...

That's a colorful and happy quilt for a little one. Very nice job.