01 April 2009

Urban Threads is made of awesome!

I have an embroidery machine that I rarely use. Partially because I am lazy, but also because a lot of designs out there are kinda country cutesy style. Now I don't have a problem with that style, but it really doesn't suit me.

And there are also a lot of poor quality embroidery designs out there--stitches that are too dense or not dense enough, outlines that are a little off, etc. So even if you find something fun, it is either outrageously expensive, or not worth the few bucks you spend on it.

Just when I thought there was no hope besides digitizing designs myself (which I can do but really am too lazy for that), Urban Threads saves the day! Her designs are modern and funky and include things like zombies and robots and monsters (oh my!). I bought a few to try out on some shirts for a friend's toddler, and I couldn't' be happier with them.

She has lots of fun project tutorials and a fanged stuffed bunny as a studio assistant. I desperately covet her boingy curl hair.

I had a question about their designs and they wrote me back within an hour or two. Fabulous customer service!

No affiliation, just a satisfied customer.

Parting Shot: I just rediscovered this one of The Husband and Bella as a kitten on the camera. She is SUCH a Daddy's Girl


The Slapdash Sewist said...

Those are cute designs! I don't have an embroidery machine and have never wanted one because I can't imagine any designs that would appeal to me. That could change my mind! (On the designs, not the machine.)

gwensews said...

I hear ya' about embroidery designs. After spending hours learning to digitize, I discovered I hated it. Still, it's good to know because you can correct some designs that are digitized poorly.

Summerset said...

Those are super cute! You gotta love the kitty photo - how sweet.

Sewfast said...

I love Urban Threads. ViAnn interned at Embroidery Library I've been told and then launched her own line which is very hip!

Bek said...

The shirts look great!

Bek said...

The shirts look great!