08 April 2009

Six weeks into 12 week workout program (ChaLean Extreme in case you were wondering).

I can bicep curl 10 pounds more than I could the first week.

Pounds lost: ZERO!!!

My clothes fit.....exactly the same.

Not exactly the results I was hoping for.


Starting much stricter eating program this week. As well as adding in extra cardio workouts.

I am on day three and I would kill for a chocolate chip cookie right now. And have no cheat meals until the weekend.

My name is now officially Ravenous Crankypants. Meet ya at Krispy Kreme.


MaryPat R said...

Ouch- I hate it when that happens. I hope you start to see results soon.

laura said...

I feel your pain! And dare I tell you it's taken me something like 2 months to lose a half inch from my waist and a half inch from my hips!!?? But I guess I should expect that since I'm 49 years old! I'm not sure how many calories you can burn by killing for a chocolate chip cookie, but I say it's worth it!!