16 April 2009


So what do you bring as a hostess gift to a Zombie Party?

Well, we were all out of brains, so I decided to make some zombie potholders! Because really, who couldn't use another potholder (even zombies use them, I am sure).

The embroidery is from Urban Threads. Although that bunny was originally holding a carrot. I used my digitizing software to alter it into a bloody arm. Because I don't think there are vegetarian zombies. I could be wrong.

After I made them, I wanted to wrap them nicely....so I made a little pouch and put another bunny on it. I love how his little teeth hang over the flap.


The Slapdash Sewist said...

Those are certifiably adorable!

My Big Mouth said...

Those are totally cute!
I love the first little zombie guy!!!
And I love the little holder you made too,great job!

gwensews said...

Great gift! Who wudda thought--Zombie potholders!

*Sally* said...

these are fab! So very very cute!

saxbabe said...

Awesome!! Saw them on Urban Threads' Flickr page, so I thought I'd post a shout out :)