26 March 2009


Is there any kind of sewing that is more blah-fully soulsucking than doing alterations? Ugh. That is all I have been doing lately. Granted, they are on vintage clothes which makes it SLIGHTLY more interesting. But they aren't MY vintage clothes, so that makes it even worse.

But, it is a bit of extra cash which is never a bad thing.

Hopefully since the weekend weather is going to be so yuck, I will spend lots of time in the sewing room and not be bitter about it. And maybe even make something for me! I desperately covet a new spiffy lunch bag.

Parting shot, because this post is too sploogy without at least a bit of kitty cuteness: George and Fred, lounging.


Summerset said...

Oh, do I ever know that feeling! I never really like alterations, just the extra cash. At least your working with something interesting and not some poor old piece of clothing someone has worn to death or is cheaply made and they think it is worth saving!

gwensews said...

I had an alteration business at one time. It did very well. People brought their entire closets sometimes! I disliked it, and was ever so happy to give it up.

I have a cute lunchbag pattern from DWhynnDesigns.Etsy.com
I made several for gifts, and have one on the burner for myself.

gwensews said...
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