19 March 2009

I win I win!

I win second choice sucky prize from BeeBee for knowing about her butt. I have never encountered her butt personally, but that is the magic of the interwebs, having knowledge of butts that you otherwise might never know.

And I would like to award HER a prize for the blog entry using the word "suck" the most times. And yes, the prize will suck. I want to award her the Ugliest Fabric I Can Find for Under 10 Bucks.

Feel free to give suggestions if you know of anything particularly vile.

p.s. Yes, it has been a very long week and I am more than usually loopy.


Summerset said...

Anything in the Joann's clearance section is bound to fit those "prize" requirements.

djStoreRoom said...


I would like to say,

CONGRATULATIONS for the awards!!

They are really special awards!

Have fun!~


My Big Mouth said...

The shirts are too cute!!
I love the giraffe one,hee hee.
The picture of the hubby and kitty is funny,I like the look on your hubbys face.