06 February 2009

A Little Tour

Now that I have two new machines, I am in a bit of a chaos situation in the sewing room shifting things around and making room.

I thought I would publicly embarrass myself with some "before" pictures in order to inspire me to clean up and post gorgeous "after" pictures. :-)

To begin the tour of my space, here is the always closed door. Very often there are little kitty arms under the door. Behind the curtain is the closet (doors removed) full of shelves with my stash. That one mirror is actually a three fold-out mirror that I LOVE as The Husband is not very helpful at looking at the backs of my projects and finding mistakes. There in the corner is my masking tape me sitting on a stool.

Moving clockwise, here is my adjustable dress form and another ginormous mirror that I got for free at the dump. :-) Some vintage dresses that I am altering for a fellow swing dancer are hanging there begging me to finally do them. In the bottom of the mirror, you can see two large containers of knits, all from Gorgeous Fabrics all rolled and waiting for me to make room in the closet for them. I am trying to reorg my stash by rolling it and taking swatches and creating index cards, but it is a slooooooow process.

Around the room, we see the corner with my computer, an inspiration board, and bookshelves full of tailoring/fashion books and my old art history textbooks for research and inspiration. Those plastic drawers you can see a bit under the table hold all my patterns. I have two three drawer sets and they are filled to capacity. Yeah, maybe I need to do some weeding there...... On the wire shelves there are boxes of projects in progress and bits and pieces of supplies. Somewhere on that table is probably where the coverstitch machine is going to live, but I need to make room for him first!

The back wall with a huge window that I keep open in nice weather as it has a very nice view of my garden. Right under the window is a bench with shelves where I store threads and some other supplies (you can see some threads there on the left) Three machines visible in this shot: in the foreground is Sven, my Viking Designer SE; midground is The Beast, which is the Juki industrial's temporary name; and on the right is Heidi, my Huskylock Serger.

The shelves in this shot are all fabrics that I pulled from the stash, matched up with a pattern, but never got around to actually doing anything about it. I need to go through these and reintegrate most of them into the stash. There are some plastic tubs with zippers and elastics and such. And of course a TV to watch House and girly costuming movies.

And finally, the cutting/ironing table. On the table is the newest addition to the sewing family, the coverstitch machine, waiting for me to find him a home. Above are shelves with silly stuff (Yay Tim Gunn! Yay Chococat!) and a bunch of stabilizers for embroidery. Under the table are bolts with linings and all weights of interfacing. And of course, the closet full of stash on the right, which I will not show in its before state, because I do have SOME pride. :-)

And that ends our tour for the day! Hope you enjoyed it and I hope it lights a fire under my bum to make me organize it!


Claire S. said...

Good luck with your organizing...I just finished mine. It took 3 weeks and I'm SOOO glad it's done - course, now I'm afraid to mess it up LOL !

BeeBee said...

I quite enjoyed the tour. I did a clean up of my (MUCH smaller) space today, right before I trashed it out again. Love your window - quite envious of that. Looking forward to the "after" pics.

Bek said...

What a great space you have! (And lots of treasures too from the looks of things! ) Look forward to the "after" shots to see what you do with the place.

Sewfast said...

Thanks for the studio tour...looks like home to me! Also love your new blog header...great picture!

Lindsay T said...

Ooh, I'm envious of all your space! I have a sewing nook in our family room.

My Big Mouth said...

The happy thought is that you have a room to contain it all.I have a crafting station set up in the main room of the house and my station is always a mess.It also seems to attract the hubbys hat,keys,cigerettes,lighter and sunglasses...Grrr!
Btw...I LOVE the wall border you have,is that choco-kitty?

Brooke said...

It is Chococat! It is actually a calendar from last year that I disassembled and made into a border. :-)