12 February 2009

I actually USE all these machines

I do love Jalie patterns. Here is a dress that I made for a co-worker using Jalie 2793. The fabric, of course, is from Gorgeous Fabrics.

It was soooo simple to make this tunic into a dress....just add on some length and voila! It turned out so cute I may need to make one for me.

I used the coverstitch machine for the first time on this dress to hem it and I am in LOVE! How did I ever work without one?!?!? I made a couple other dresses for co-workers, but didn't get shots of them before they left me.

On the cutting table right now is a new skirt, Vogue 8561. It is very different for me as I am usually not into the Marcy Tilton patterns, but this one is just funky enough without being too funky. I like long skirts, even though I really am too short to wear them.

So far it is going....ok. A bunch of the notches are not matching up, but I am not sure if that is the pattern, the fact that so many pieces are on the bias and are getting out of whack before I sew them, or just me being a blockhead. But I am forcing it to go together without notch matching and it seems to be working so far... I hope to finish it tonight and hopefully post pictures this weekend.


Lindsay T said...

Great dress! I think a coverstitch machine is in the future for me too.

Arielle said...

The fabric is great. I've sewn very little of the knits I've been buying and am warming up to a simplissimo project for the week-end.

I'm also tempted by the Brother 2340CV (I have the 1034 serger)and my OC-self says I should get all the feet. (Self is a bit of a spendsthrift)

While you seem to be a Husqvarna girl, I'm curious as to what brand + make of coverstitch you got and if you bought specialized feet.

Because I'm tempted but puzzled. Can you just take the CV out of the box and stitch as you would a regular machine or not?

Brooke said...

I am a Husqvarna girl generally, but I ended up getting the Brother coverstitch--mostly because of cost and because you can use the MUCH cheaper industrial attachments on it if you use a bit of poster putty to stick them on--I believe Debbie Cook has info on this in one of her coverstitch tutorials...

And yes, I took the Brother right out of the box, threaded it up with black thread, and zoooom on the hem.

Arielle said...

I'm happy you were online, thanks for the quick reply (and the enabling).

The temptation grows stronger.

Arielle said...

I'm happy you were online, thanks for the quick reply (and the enabling).

The temptation grows stronger.

Anonymous said...
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