30 January 2009

Dear Brother 2340CV Coverstitch,

You are only 300 dollars and offer free shipping. How can I resist you?

But I must!

Tell me, do you take generic feet or will I pay a billion dollars to get the binders and other fun things that will make me love you forever?

It is the end of the month and time to pay bills. Perhaps on Sunday we shall see if there is enough left over for you.

We may speak again.

Hopefully yours soon,



My Big Mouth said...

Lol I have written a similar letter to a screen printing kit I have had my eyes on for some time.

laura said...

C'mon, buy one for the gipper (I know that's not how the saying goes but so what!)and do your part for the economy! BTW I nominated you for an award, but please don't feel obligated to join in.

Alviana said...

hehe.. thats funny :)