29 January 2009

No, no, no.....Yes? NO!

I don't need a coverstitch machine.

Really, I don't.

My current serger actually even does a coverstitch. I have several specialty feet for this function. I am just too lazy to ever switch it over.

So I really really don't need a coverstitch machine.


But....maybe I do. Do I?


Have I convinced any one else? Cause it isn't working on me. :-P


Elaina said...
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Elaina said...

LMAO, make me wonder what I think of that I only have a straight stitch.

Need an arm twisting to go ahead and get it?


Gorgeous Fabrics said...

Oh, go for it. Get an industrial! :)

Sharon said...

MYes! If you can afford one I say go for it! My serger also does a coverstitch which I never use because I don't like to take the time to switch the settings and the feet. Hmmm, I think I need a coverstitch too!

Tamara said...

Let me be an enabler. :) I LOVE my coverstitch machine!!! I have a serger with coverstitch but as Sharon I never used it because it was too much trouble to switch over. Right now I am working on t-shirts. I have to go between coverstitch for ribbing and regular serging for seams. I would NEVER do this without a separate coverstitch machine. It would take way too long. So, I think you should go for it. It isn't a machine that you might use everyday but when you do you are thankin' your lucky stars for it!