16 December 2008

Someone stole my mojo

Sad days here in the BISS sewing room. Everything I have tried to make lately has been quickly put in the rag bag. Yesterday's failure was Hot Patterns Tie Me Down Top.

I am not sure if I cut the wrong size or I just didn't put it together properly or if it is just not a style suited to me. It is tremendously unflattering. And if that weren't bad enough, it has a very homemade look--and NOT in a good way.

I will post pictures later this week....if I can stand to put it on and look at myself again. What a waste of fun fabric. If it was just the wrong size, I might try to salvage it. But the homemadey lack of craftsmanship---I think it is a lost cause and will end up in the next Goodwill bag.

In happier news, tonight I am going dancing (although I had hoped to wear my new top...waaaaah!) and tomorrow is the office holidays party. So good times ahead. Just not sewing times. Sigh.

Now I just need to find a happy project to get me out of my sewing slump.

1 comment:

Em said...

What, hemming my jeans doesn't make you jump for joy? What about holiday costumes for the fur babies?
And I think it is the bow on that pattern that might not be such a good idea. Maybe not that flattering for the girls....