19 December 2008

Return of the Mojo

I spent last night in the sewing room making little simple things for the holidays, and I think I have gotten over my slump. Which is why I don't have pictures of the horrible Hot Patterns top--I didn't want to kill the momentum, so that will have to wait until this weekend.

The Husband's office does the whole Secret Santa thing and he asked me to make a few things for his person. He bought a bunch of little bath items and I made this Box Bag for him to "wrap" them. I found this bag on Stacy Sews and, like her, I can see myself making a bajillion of them because they are so easy and so cute. Of course I couldn't leave well enough alone, so my bag is only loosely based on that pattern. I changed the way it is put together and the dimensions....ok, so only the shape is vaguely the same. But that was my inspiration. :-)

I started out making the Noriko Handbag, available free from Lazy Girl Designs and it is SUPER cute, but The Husband ended up buying more bath things than he thought and they didn't all fit in this bag, so I get to keep it!

Being the nut that he is, The Husband can't just leave the gifts on her desk, but is sending his person on a treasure hunt through the office. He got a little cheap pirate hat at the dollar store and made a map and left clues all over the office. I thought that she needed a companion for her journey. So I made this "parrot" for him to leave on her desk with the first clue. The pattern is free from Spool Sewing and again is super easy--only two pieces--and a great way to use up those little scraps that I can't bear to throw away! I made a little birdie pirate eye patch, but forgot to take a picture of it. And sorry for the poor quality of the pictures I do have.

The Mojo is back! I think... And a good thing too because I have several knit dresses to make this weekend for the ladies in the office (nothing like a few commissions to get some extra holiday cash)!

Parting shot: I forget how little Bella still is until I see her asleep next to one of the boys. Here she is with Fred. She is so feisty that she seems much bigger when she is awake!


Summerset said...

Lucky you - that dot bag with red trim is SUPER, SUPER cute! I must go download my own pattern. Aw, Baby Bella is so cute, too.

cidell said...

What a pretty little bag from Lazy Girl

*Sally* said...

Can I be his recipient of the secret santa?!?! She is a lucky lady!
Lovely cats, we have one called Fred too.

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Love the material and the bags! I'm a sucker for material. I can't wait to check out these links you gave.

I'm Stephanie (addiemaescloset.blogspot.com) with SCB Group #4...looking forward to reading more!

djStoreRooom said...

Very pretty box bag!!


edward and lilly said...

I adore the Noriko bag, the treasure hunt is such a fun idea! I was going to make some of those little birds for Christmas but never got around to it.

Myra said...

great bags! Merry Christmas!