08 December 2008

On the 13th day of Christmas

We all decorated with


My company gives each floor of the office 100 bucks to use as they like to decorate or donate and then there is a judging with prizes. Our floor decided to use our money to buy lots of socks to decorate our tree (and then donate to a locale shelter)....somehow that turned into sock monkeys as our "theme". And somehow I volunteered to make felt monkey face hangings for everyone's workspace. They were very simple actually, just felt shapes glued on more felt. And then I used my embroidery machine to put everyone's name on their monkey.

I also brought in sock monkeys I made years ago to place throughout the office. :-)

And brought in items from my personal monkey collection, including socks, t-shirts, and a bag I made. It is kinda scary that I have this much monkey stuff just lying around (and I really didn't think I "collected" monkeys....)

The purse is pretty awesome. I made it using Lazy Girl's Miranda pattern. Very quick and easy to do, and her instructions books are amazing with full descriptions and color photos of every step. I highly recommend her patterns for a beginner, just because her instructions are so detailed.

And the end result is....I won the office decorating contest! Woo-hoo! I am off to spend my Barnes and Noble gift card (and what an appropriate prize for the librarian!)

Parting shot....
The boys are teaching Bella all about her duties to protect the house from squirrels. Of course, this is hard to do through the glass door. I swear that squirrel laughed at them and twitched his tail Nyah Nyah Nyah at them.....


Summerset said...

Congrats on the prize! That is such a great photo of the cats and the squirrel!

and sew it begins... said...

Ah what a great decorating scheme! I've seen those sock monkeys around everywhere this year! Super cute! Congrats on the prize!

laura said...

No wonder you won! That sock monkey bag is too much. I've no doubt that squirrel had a great story to take home to his little squirrel friends and isn't it so cute how your new little girl looks so excited and the boys are quite relaxed.