01 October 2008

Button, Button, Who's got the Button

As promised, here are some pics of the ceremony dress in progress with the two button options. I only had a few buttons done---in the final look the buttons will go all the way up the back. Ok, so the red ones are just scraps of fabric cut in circles, but it gives you the idea.



I like the red more than I thought I would, but am still a bit torn over which to do. Plain ivory ones just disappeared into the fabric, so those are definitely out of the running. But I like both of these and am still open to suggestions. I need to get hopping on a decision though.

ETA: There will be 20 buttons going from the point of the red train up to the neckline of the dress.

A separate issue.....anyone out there know how to make the train keep that pretty pretty circle shape even as I walk down the aisle in it? The beaded edging definitely helps some, but it does collapse a bit as I walk.

AAAHHHHH!!!! Less than two weeks!!!


Summerset said...

Well, I like the red buttons better. They lead the eye to the train. From a distance, the sunburst ones will fade into ivory - take about 30 steps back from the dress (if you have the space), and see what I mean. Other than that, you could stand about 5 feet away, cross your eyes and see if you can detect the sunburst buttons. I know that sounds very, very weird, but it does work to see if there is enough light/dark contrast between items. How many buttons will there be?

Regarding the train, I'm not sure if there is any good way to keep it fanned out. That's what bridal attendents are for - adjusting the train, holding your bouquet, etc., etc. In the absence of such friends and family, you could put some horsehair braid in them hem, but I'm not sure that is the best solution - you might have to play around with underlayers to find one stiff enough to do what you want.

Carrie said...

I agree with Summerset, except I really like the sunburst buttons. She's absoultly correct about the contrast of the red buttons, but I still prefer the sublty of the sunbursts.

kiltsnquilts said...

I too prefer the red buttons and think they have more impact from a distance. Perhaps you could consider putting the beading on the red buttons but in ivory beads? That way you still have the special touch of the beading that would be seen when close up, but from a distance the buttons would look red.

Your dress is lovely, it is such a nice thing to make your own wedding dress! Sorry, no ideas for the train though!

Marji said...

I agree with everything Summerset said. And let the attendants deal with the train, it's perfect. If you go putting anything inside of it, you risk weird things happening.
Enjoy your day.