10 September 2008


Would underlining a dress in cotton muslin (rather than cotton batiste) be horribly tragic?

The dress is an ivory peau de soie--a high quality poly blend, not the real deal silk. With many many seams that show through to the other side which is not attractive.

I have silk organza and china silk, but with my experiments with both of those, the seam allowances still show through. And I don't have enough of either of those to do a double layer.

Plus this is the dress I am dancing in and not planning to line, so cotton might be better against my sweaty skin than silk would be anyways.

Cotton muslin is cheap and readily available locally.
Cotton batiste is more expensive and would need to be ordered so would put me behind deadline.

Any thoughts?


Carrie said...

I don't see why not. I would pre-shrink the muslin in a hot wash and dry it in a dryer on high heat before using it as lining. Other than that it should work fine.

Summerset said...

I'd go for the muslin. I don't see a problem with it at all. I've used heavier weight tightly woven cottons in gowns before. Do you happen to have a Jo-ann's nearby? They do carry 100% cotton batiste. I was just in the one in Concord the other day and they had white, pink, blue, yellow, red and black. It's worth a try.