12 September 2008

Jalie and Fred--Disaster times Two!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled wedding dress sewing posts for this Jalie Top.

Several weeks ago was my office summer bowling party. The name of my team was The Frame Throwers. We all decided that LOOKING good while bowling was much better than BEING good at bowling. We got together and coordinated various "flame" outfits as a play on our team name. I made the Jalie 2806 with the gathered foldover. I used a flame-y fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics. Here is the result.

This top, I am sad to say, was a disappointment. Or maybe disappointment is too strong a word, as the end result was really cute I think. I struggled to get to this point though. After being MORE than pleased with all the other Jalie tops I have done and thrilled with how easily and quickly they went together, this one made me cranky.

It was the instructions for the gathered foldover part. I may just be being a blockhead, but I still don't know how I was supposed to do that according to the pattern instructions. After reading them multiple times, walking away, coming back and reading them again, I still didn't get it. I ended up just futzing around with the fabric until it approximated something that looked purposeful. I really liked the tulip sleeves though, so I will probably adapt them into other patterns.

Like I said, I liked the final result, but I don't think I will be making this one again. I make knit tops in between my Big Scary Projects because they as close as instant gratification as you get with sewing. And this one was far from instant--I don't want to be stressed out when making my stress busters!!

In other news, sewing plans were CANCELLED last night when I came home and found Fred's cast laying on the floor with no Fred in it! I took him (and the empty cast) to the vet and they don't think he did himself any harm and rebandaged him. They said they had never seen a cat wiggle out of its cast before. The new bandage is more secure and hopefully he will not houdini himself out of that one.

He and his brother are named after the Weasley brothers in the Harry Potter books.....perhaps I should have named him after a Muggle so he couldn't magic himself into so much trouble!!


Debbie Cook said...

Your top looks great! I have a little photo tutorial on how I did the gathered foldover which you might find helpful, here.

Gorgeous Things said...

I agree about the foldover. I ended up using the tutorial that Deepika put up over at Deepika put up over at PatternReview. It was done by the owner of Jalie patterns. They need to put a how-to on their website. The foldover was very frustrating until I found that.

Brooke said...

Thanks so much for the links to the tutorials! That might tempt me into making this one again...

Linda said...

Brooke, I think your top looks great. I followed Deepika's tips on PR and also Debbie has one two which of course you know about from her comments.

I hope you will try it again as I think this one looks great on you! I have made one from this and I did not have issues with foldover because of Deepika's tips, but I found this one to be rather full throughout the body and will take deeper seams next time. Don't give up!