17 September 2008

Almost a dress

Front of reception dress is done! And the back is done too!! Now all I have to do is put the halves together and do the facings and I will actually have at least one dress to wear!


One thing that is already bugging me is the invisible zipper pull that shows in the back. I should have moved the zipper to the side where it would be less noticeable. But I am certainly NOT going to change it now. Maybe I could come up with a way to emphasize it, since I can't hide it at this point. Add some red beads or something and make it a little feature. Hmmm.

Another thing that is bugging me is despite getting a heavier cotton to underline, you can still see the pleat folds through the skirt. The seam allowances are less noticable, but still somewhat visible. ARGH!!! No wonder I never sew with light colored fabrics!!!! This might be another thing to try to deal with if I have time, but for now I need to just let it go. I don't even know what I would do about it I had the time at this point, because I am absolutely not taking it apart and/or starting over, and short of that I don't know if there is any way to hide the show through in the ivory fabric.

These are things that probably only another sewing person would notice anyways. So maybe I need to just relax about it......Easier said than done!!

I should have pictures tomorrow.


Summerset said...

Congrats on the progress!

Yes, there are times when you just need to let go. It is hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes as a seamstress. Most people will not have a clue about any perceived problems!

Marjie said...

Not to be dumb, but can't you flip the zipper tab so it's inside? Probably not....like I said, I don't mean to be dumb, but I've only just learned to install invis. zippers. Love the dress with the red train, BTW!