18 September 2008

Orange Cat for Sale

Ok, Fred isn't really for sale. But ARGH!!!!

I pranced home from work last night, confident in the knowledge that this was The Night--the night I would actually finish one of my wedding dresses, thus taking some of the pressure off and preventing me from breaking out in stress hives.

Only to find Fred had taken off his cast. AGAIN!!! The vet is a bit at a loss with what to do. They wrapped him up again and this time we have him wearing one of those soft cones so he can't chew or lick on it. But she said it didn't really look like he had chewed much on the two he took off, so the cone might not help. And he only does it during the day when he is shut up and alone, so we have no idea how he is doing it.

If he does it again, I will have to start taking him to "day care", which is another name for dropping him off at the vet every morning for day boarding. Which will be EXPENSIVE. But not as expensive as surgery for his foot if he rebreaks it.

Fred! Gimme a break! Take off the cast as much as you want AFTER the wedding, but for now, let momma sew!

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Marjie said...

I had a cat who broke his leg once, and wore a cast for 4 weeks. He was lying pitifully in the yard, and his best friend, my Mastiff, found him. The mastiff kept him company throughout his cast wearing days. I guess I just didn't know how lucky I was! Poor Fred!