19 September 2008

At least the train looks good.....

The reception dress is now mostly put together. And of course now I am seeing all kinds of problems.

Here are some pics as is. The facings are not in and the red bit at the top is just tucked in so I could see how it would look. The side pleats in the skirt are also not pressed. I am planning on hemming it just below the knee. And I will eventually have a petticoat to wear under it as well.

I obviously need to do a bit more pressing of the princess seams, but what is really bad is all those wrinkles/pulling all over the bodice, especially on the back. I am wondering what I did wrong, as the muslin did not do this. Maybe a waist stay would help some, keep the heavy skirts from dragging down the bodice so much? Any other suggestions out there? Particularly any thoughts on how to fix it WITHOUT starting over?

Sigh. One step forward, two steps back.

As far as the ceremony dress, here is a picture of the ginormous red train, inside and out. This is based on the back pieces of the Truly Victorian Fantail Skirt pattern, although I lengthened it a bit. The white strip on the inside is where the ties will be inserted to gather it in the back.

I dropped it off last weekend with a fellow costuming buddy who very kindly offered to do some beading on it as her wedding gift to me. I can't wait to see the results! Now I just need a dress to attach it to......

Parting shot:
Fred has been getting all the attention lately, so I thought I would shine the spotlight on his brother George for once. George is missing his friend and consequently is very wild and crazy playful. Here he is in one of his rare moments of rest.


Marji said...

I left some thoughts for you on the thread you started at Stitchers Guild.

Carrie said...

The puckers in the back is from too much length in the princess seam, underneath your arm. Take the dress to your costumer friend and have them pin out the excess while you are wearing it. It's one of those things you just can't do for yourself.

Summerset said...

I haven't seen Marji's comments, but I'm with Carrie. It seems as if there is too much fabric between the underarm and waist, especially in the side fronts. There may be too much in the circumference, too. I agree that you will need someone to pin out the excess at the seam lines and take it in.

That said, the skirt hangs beautifully, I love the red at the neckline and I really think the style suits your figure really well!

Shavonne said...

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