08 September 2008


I did some work this weekend! Muslins for both dresses are done and fitted, The Boy's pants are started, and the petticoat for my reception dress is about halfway completed. Here are some pictures of the ceremony muslin.

Me in Muslin

It was interesting to fit the bodice of this dress. It is constructed in two layers and I decided to make the underlayer red and have it peak out above the overlay. I raised the neckline of the underlayer about 1.5 inches, both to show more of the red and because it was a little too low cut. I did the usual FBA for princess seams on the underlayer, and it was good to go.

The overlayer was more of a challenge. I didn't want to change it too much, because the fun pleats are a main element of the design--but the B cup pattern was not going to fit me right out of the envelope. what I ended up doing is making the pattern pieces with no alterations and just pinning them in place over the underlayer in whatever way they fit. I ended up taking out a fair amount at the side seams, especially on the bottom so it would fit nicely over my bust. I took a tiny little dart out in the side to make the armhole lay better, but I don't think that took anything away from the design. It worked out in the end I think. It would have been MUCH harder if I hadn't wanted the underlayer to show, but since I did, I didn't have to worry about raising the line of the overlayer or anything like that.

Back Train

This is a horrible shot of the back with the train, but you can get the general idea. I split the vogue pattern and the red bit is the fantail skirt which will cascade out the back split. I am going to have buttons down the back to the point of the split. There will be a slight bustle effect in the back, all the better to hide my natural bustle (i.e. Big Butt) a little better.

The Boy's pants are not finished, but the most time consuming parts are done--i.e. the pockets! I never thought before just how much time the pockets take, since most of the pants I make for myself either don't have pockets or aren't made under a deadline. Here is a little shot of the back welt, which still need a little more pressing.

Tomorrow I will try to post about a shirt I made last week for an office bowling party....my first Jalie disappointment. Sigh.


Summerset said...

Very nice! I love that touch of red!

Gorgeous Things said...

Fantastic Brooke! I just love the work you're doing. And bravo on those welts!