22 February 2008

Soap Boxing--its not just for cardio anymore

Sorry for the blog silence lately. Some issues in my personal life have kept me from sewing much this past month. I have gotten a new job, which I start March 10th (yay!), so I have been working furiously to tie up all the loose ends at my current job. My sister is going through a divorce, so I have been trying to help her out.

I am also going through my third round of egg donation. For some reason this time, it is hitting me a little harder than the last two. I have been really tired throughout this cycle. I should be ready for retrieval next week though, so after a few days of recovery, I will hopefully be back in the sewing room.

A little note on egg donation. I was talking to some folks about it lately, and it seems to be the impression out there that people who donate eggs do it only for the money. Which kinda makes me...not mad exactly, but a little peeved I guess. This is not a decision that anyone who goes through a reputable clinic just decides to do one day because they can't make the mortgage. Yes, I do get a significant amount of money when I donate eggs. But I also have several weeks of daily blood drawings and ultrasounds, one to three injections a day that give myself for several weeks (my poor legs are covered in injection bruises. If it wasn't so ick I would post a picture), a day (or more) I have to take off work (and The Boy does too in order to take me there and back) to have the surgical procedure where I go under anesthesia and they extract the eggs, and then a week or more of some significant discomfort afterwards. Before my first round of donation, I had to fill out extensive medical background questionnaires and have three or four rounds of blood testing. I also spent several hours taking pysch tests and speaking to councilors about my decision.

They are not buying body parts off of me. They are compensating me somewhat for the time and effort it takes for me to do this. Don't get me wrong, the money is nice. And honestly, I am not sure that I am so altruistic that I would go through all of this for a stranger if I wasn't getting something in return. But that is not the only reason I do it, or even the main reason I do. I have had friends and family struggle with infertility, when I wasn't able to do anything to help them. This is one thing I can do that will help, not anyone I know personally, but someone out there who is dealing with this. Someone who wants a baby will have a better chance of having one because of me. THAT is why I do this.

Sorry for the soapbox rant. I feel better now. :-)


kasizzle said...

I admire you for what you go through. Such a selfless act of kindness.

Sewfast said...

Dear Brooke...it is a wonderful gift you give to couples that otherwise could not have children. My daughter has done egg donation many times (she is "retired" now...hopefully she and the boy will use the eggs to make me a Grandma one day soon...LOL) There will always be negative people who make rude comments...I admire you too...Mary