01 February 2008

Flashback Friday, the second

Another flashback friday wedding (I think I have weddings on the brain). About 7 years ago, my lovely friend Abi got married in July. Which is very warm here in VA. But her reception hall was very very very air conditioned, so she wanted a Jane Austen-ish coat to wear over her wedding dress to stay warm. There was a jacket that Kate Winslet wears in the Sense and Sensibility movie that she wanted to model it after--I paused my way through that scene about 20 times to see as much detail on it as I could. And here is the final result.

I started with the Spencer Jacket pattern from Sense and Sensibility Patterns's Regency collection. We made a few alterations--took out the poofyness of the sleeves and changed the front opening--to make it more like the movie jacket.

She chose a lovely blue and silver dragon brocade as her fabric, and we decided to line it in a blue cotton since the lining would show a bit. I love the way it turned out--I have always loved that style of jacket, and it really suits both Abi's figure and her personality perfectly.


Sharon said...

It's beautiful! She had a great idea a great idea for what to wear to stay warm in the a/c - and such a great friend you are to help bring her vision to life.

Becky said...

Wow-- that is such a great coat. I used to not like Regency-style clothes (even though I liked Jane Austen books), but they've grown on me lately. And nice creative way of bringing the "something blue" into the mix!

CharityinAlaska said...

That is lovely! You did a great job.