26 February 2008

Just Call Me the Easter Bunny

Thank you all for your kind comments and emails regarding my last post. Egg retrieval today went well. Once again, I was a mad crazy egg producer--26 this time. I am in a bit of pain, but partially that is because my orange cat Fred seems to think that the best kind of post-op therapy is to lay directly on my ovaries every time he gets a chance.

Speaking of kitties, both my poor boys are going for surgery themselves next week. Fred is getting knee surgery, and George is getting eye surgery. Fortunately, since they were conditions that both kitties already had when we adopted them, the SPCA is paying for it. I can't seem to resist a special needs cat. But still, it is going to be a tough couple weeks for everyone. Next week I have off of work--the gap between quitting the old job and starting the new one--so that should help.

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