13 June 2007

If I weren't already engaged......

New fabric arrived in the mail yesterday and all I can say is droooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!

Backstory: I am making this suit for The Boy for our wedding next year.

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And I bought this wool fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics (among others, but I took them out of the box and hid them before The Boy could see and fuss at me about it. teeheehee).

Ever since it arrived yesterday, I have been resisting the urge to continually pet it. I want to make a nest out of it and live in it forever and ever. It is some seriously nice fabric.

And such a relief because we have been searching for fabric FOREVER and this was the first one under 80 bucks a yard that meets his (dark grey) and my (high quality wool of appropriate weight for mens suit) requirements.

I just hope there is enought left over to make something for me!


Gorgeous Things said...

Ooooo! I was wondering what you were planning to make with it! What a great gift for DH2B!

dawn said...

Is The Boy your son or fiance? Either way, lucky guy.

I have a pattern for a top coat I'd like to make for my DS someday...he loves to wear a top coat. But I've never done any men's tailoring...I'll be very interested in your progress.

Brooke said...

The Boy is the fiance. Strange I know, but the nicknames evolved and neither of us knows how and now we are stuck with it--I am The Girl and he is The Boy. :-)

dawn said...

LOL, that's OK! I call my husband "Husband" even though it drives my daughter nuts. He will occasionally call me "Wench" in turn.