12 June 2007


I am a sheep, I admit it. I am finally getting around doing a version of the shirt that everyone and their cousin has made already. Not only am I a sheep, I am a LATE sheep.

But here is my version of Simplicity 4076.

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It turned out ok I think.

I used a knit from Gorgeous Fabrics (of course!). I love buying fabric from her because I feel like I can trust her fabrics, which is always an issue with buying on-line. But I feel like Ann wouldn't sell fabric that she wouldn't use herself, and she has IMPECCABLE taste (she is kinda my Laura for you Project Runway fans :-).

The neckband instructions in the pattern were stupid, so I ignored them. I did a FBA and then rotated the dart into the neckline gathers. I also added an inch to the length because I was going to wear it dancing and I like shirts a little longer for that. If I make it again, I may make the sleeves a little longer.

I think this pattern might be added to my quick, easy, and happy pile. Sometimes following the crowd is a good thing (ACK! My inner rebel cringes at typing that, and I can hear my mother say "I told you so! Now how about a little lipstick honey!").

Note to Self: find photographer other than The Boy or you will continue to get one kinda usable picture among lots of pictures of your cleavage.

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