23 May 2007

You can't always get what you want.

So when I first planned and cut this pattern (Vogue 8386), I had planned it to be all one color. I just enough of a beautiful deep chocolatey brown knit from Gorgeous Fabrics.

Very stupidly I didn't bother to muslin, or raise the neckline, or do a FBA, or any of the other things a smart careful seamstress might do. I basted it together and tried it on.....DANGER!!!! EXTREME INAPPROPRIATE CLEAVAGE SHOWING!!!! I can't even show a picture of how bad it was unless I want to launch a new career in seamstress porn. Let's just say if I happened to be nursing a child (or two), very little adjustment would have been necessary.

After pouting for a few hours, I went back to see what I could salvage.

The bodice was a total loss, but the skirt was great. I poked around the stash and VOILA!!!!!! Yet another knit from Gorgeous Fabrics. So the browns didn't completely match, but with the pattern on the fabric you couldn't really tell and it still looked good.

I made a better bodice with the new knit and then did a serged rolled hem with teal thread on the brown sash edges to tie it in to the top a little better (no pun intended).

For a dress that was nearly a wadder, it turned out pretty good! I'll write a real review of the pattern soon. But I loved loved loved working with both of these fabrics. Hopefully I have enough of the teal and brown fabric to make a top later as well.

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ETA: I had to post this second picture because my fiance said "You look like a total tool in that picture. We need one of you smiling." He then told fart jokes until I started laughing and took the picture. Thus the second picture which shows little of the dress but makes the boy happy.

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Gorgeous Things said...

I love it! Great save and great dress (and great story about the picture!)

Sharon said...

Great save! I think the dress looks really good.

cidell said...

This, is gorgeous.