30 April 2007

Lullaby of Broadway

The 42nd Street outfits are complete! Yay! Here are some pics.

Green Dress:

Gold Dress:

It was really hard to get good pics of the shiny gold fabric. And both dresses look MUCH nicer on the lovely M.

-M was quite short waisted, so I made an adjustment to the bodice of both dresses to accomodate that.
-The Butterick pattern (gold dress) was supposed to be cut on the bias, but since the fabric was a somewhat stretchy knit, I just cut it on grain. I did need to make it a bit smaller as well because of the knit--I probably could have even gone down a size more instead of nipping it in a bit more at the waist as M requested (by then it was too late to change sizes).
-I added bits of elastic to the edges of the gold dress, a la Gorgeous Things to keep it from gaping open at an inopportune time.

Lessons Learned:
-Metallic fabrics suck. Change your needle a lot when sewing them. And press with EXTREME care.
-My fancy shmancy bias attaching foot actually does work, but it takes a lot of practice (and those LOOOOOONG stretches of silver trim on the green dress gave plenty of opportunity to do so)

I really love the Vogue pattern used to make the green dress--so much so I went out and bought a copy in my size. So look for another version of it soon!

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dawn said...

Very cool! Are you going to see the show?