22 June 2007

All my eggs, in someone else's basket

All my sewing plans temporarily on hold. Yesterday I had minor surgery, by choice. I donated my eggs anonymously through a fertility clinic here so that someone(s) who for some reason cannot have children with her own eggs (cancer, genetics, whatever) can still have a baby.

It has been a long few weeks of prep, with daily bloodwork and ultrasounds, and multiple injections per day. But it was definitely all worthwhile to me--particularly since I produced a rather impressive number of eggs (average donor gives 18, I ended up with 26!) that may be able to be split up among several recipients, helping two or three couples instead of just one.

Several of my friends struggled so to have children, and I saw first hand the pain of failures and then the joy when they finally succeeded. And although I know I don't want children of my own, it feels so good to have given that to someone else who wanted it just as badly.

I am camped out on the couch for now, being spoiled by The Boy, cutting out patterns--my least favorite and most often procrastinated sewing task. So when I finally am able to get up, I will have lots of patterns ready to go! And hopefully my latest fabric purchases will have arrived as well--being stuck on the couch with nothing to do but drool at on-line fabrics is a very dangerous thing. :-)

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BlackLiterature said...

As someone that is struggling with "unexpained inftertility" all I can say is bless you, bless you, bless you!! ;-)