25 October 2009

Dance Weekend

October 16-19 was Jammin on the James, an all weekend swing dancing event in Richmond. I had ambitious plans for making new clothes for all the dances....but those plans had to be dramatically scaled back because I ran out of time (as usual!). I ended up wearing the following:

Friday Night Dance
-Jalie 2806, flame fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics (Jalie 2910 was the original plan, but it was a HUGE unrecoverable disaster, much to my great disappointment. This was my first Jalie failure and I am so very sad about it.)
-purchased pants

Friday Late Night Dance
-embroidered shirts (pics to come)
-purchased pants

Saturday Night Dance
-Jalie 2794, sweetheart top, one of my favorites. black with red trim
-Jalie 2681, twirly skirt, awesome for dancing. red with black trim

Saturday Late Night Dance
-embroidered shirts (pics to come)
-purchased pants

I was too busy dancing to take pictures, but I am going to try to dig some up in the next few weeks. Below is a picture of my Friday Night outfit, in action.

Workshops all day, dances all night. I help The Husband run the late night dances, which means we stay to the bitter end (usually around 4 - 5 am). Exhausting, but completely fun.

Now I am working on the Decades of Style button dress and a matching hat to wear for Halloween, a pair of vintage pants for a local dancer, and a number of costumes for a friend of mine to wear in a drag queen pageant this weekend (which I am attending). SHEW!

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Cisa said...

As exhausting as they are, dance weekends ROCK! I had to skip so many good ones this year, but I have high hopes for next year's schedule