10 September 2009

Something for Me

October brings one of my favorite dance events of the year, Jammin on the James. It is a weekend of workshops and all night dancing in Richmond that happens every October--last year The Husband and I ended our honeymoon there! I like it because since it is Richmond, it tends to be more laid back and less rock-star filled than D.C. events, but since it is so close to D.C., they get rockstar caliber teachers and just enough rockstar drop-ins to make it fun, not intimidating. I am good friends with the folks that organize it, I am friends with two of the four teachers and have a passing acquaintance with the other two, I know a good portion of the dancers that generally show up; just all the stuff that makes a dance good for me.

I am trying to recapture my dance mojo, and I thought one way to do it was to create a fun new dance wardrobe for Jammin, despite the fact that I am generally not sewing clothes for myself until I lose weight. This is the plan for the dances; for the workshops I am just planning to wear yoga pants and some of the 10000000000000 dance event tshirts that I have.

Friday Night
-red twirly skirt, Jalie 2681
-black knit top with red accents, Jalie 2910.
-red grannie undies (in case of extreme skirt twirlage), Jalie 2568.

Friday Late Night

-pants, Hot Patterns Karate Pants (OOP)
-embroidered/appliqued tees, designs TBD

Saturday night

-1930s style button dress, purple and black fabric from stash,Decades of Style 3007 .
-some kind of groovy hair doodad, TBD

Saturday Late Night
-pants,Hot Patterns 1084 Dragon Beauty Cargo Pants
-embroidered/appliqued tees, designs TBD

Sunday Afternoon Dance

-Ha! Like I will have the time for more! But if I do, maybe another twirly skirt or something.

I will post status updates as I get things done. This is going to be fun!


amber said...

How fun! I danced for years in school and only get to do it every so often now, but I still love it. And I love the idea of a new wardrobe for a dance weekend. I can't wait to see it all put together. :)

Cisa said...

Planning a weekend wardrobe for dances (whether you're sewing new things or just grabbing from the closet) is one of my favorite parts. Will you be going to Pittstop Lindy Hop in November? That's the next event I'm heading for. Good luck and enjoy the dancing!