09 June 2009

I must be saving my luck for something good...

I have entered a billion or so giveaways in the last month (between Sew Mama Sew and the launch of Sewn) and won....Nothing!

I can only hope that I am saving all my luck up for something even more fantastic--although some of those giveaways were pretty freaking swell! :-P

Not much sewing to report at the moment, as I had my last egg donation surgery on Sunday and am still recovering. I am consistently a particularly high yield donor, which they say makes the recovery more painful. Sigh. But, it also means that they are able to split my eggs between three women, making the costs less for them and making it so I help out even more couples with each cycle, so that is a good thing.

I do have several sewing projects in the works, including an owl bag, two baby quilts on commission, and a pair of vintage style pants for Bobby White, an absolutely awesome national swing dance champion. I will be reporting back on all of them soon.

Plus with this upcoming weekend being Second Saturday (traditionally The Husband and I go down to his hometown Richmond for a dance there on second Saturdays), I would really like a new dress to wear. I may be getting a little too ambitious with that though. But if anyone has tried a knit dress pattern that is flattering to an hourglass shape and is super easy to fit and make, I am all ears. :-) Of course, I may be too ambitious in thinking I will be up to dancing at all this weekend, let alone making a new dress!

In the meantime, I will be here on the couch drugged up on painkillers with two of the three kitties serving as purring heating pads on my ovaries! With The Husband spoiling me and bringing me lunch and setting up movies for me to watch and tucking me in. Life is Good.

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laura said...

I never win anything either! Egg donation is such a wonderful thing but I can't find anyone who will take my uterus! I don't need (or want it) anymore but my doctors keep telling me that I'm stuck with it!