12 June 2009

Another Fake Post

I swear I will actually do a real post with real content soon.

But in the meantime, I am tearing out my hair trying to make a decision on what to wear to a wedding.

It is a summer wedding, at 5:00 with dinner and drinks and dancing to follow. No further info than that. I assume that means cocktail dressy? I guess? I am so horrible at this kind of thing, and it is a friend of the Husband's so it isn't like I can just call the bride and ask what is appropriate.

I know I want to make something. Likely something vintage-y but not TOO vintage because that can look costumey. Maybe. Or not. ARGH!

So far the patterns I have considered have been too casual or too not-able-to-wear-a-regular-bra-which-is-non-negotiable. Or just boring. Or maybe not so flattering on my plump hourglass shape.

Open to suggestions if there are any out there. Or a swift kick in the patootie, which is prolly what I need even more. :-D


Myra said...

Go with 40's vintage, not too large a skirt, cap sleeves, I think that doesn't look to costume-like. Or something current with those lines.

Cisa said...

Having just done my own wedding invitations, I am now well versed (sorta) on people know what to wear. How was the invitation worded? If it is all very formal wording, then it is a dress up event. If it is more along the lines of "Please join Dick and Jane in celebrating their wedding" think more casual attire. Who knew telling someone who, what, when and where could also give you the "what" to wear!

Cindy said...

Do you like your back? How 'bout something with a low back like this:

Maxi dresses are really big this summer too. That would be vintage but right in style.

gwensews said...

Maxi would be very in style. Good for day or evening. Inside or outside. Team with a little shrug or shawl.

laura said...

Just about anything goes these days (as a waitress at many weddings I've seen it all). Avoid the extremes: a white satin dress, or dirty blue jeans. Like I said, I've seen it all.

SewDucky said...

Vogue has a suit from the 40's that done in a jacquard or duponi would work.