15 May 2009

Twin Boy Giraffe Quilts

Baby quilts are done! Good thing too because the shower was today. Nothing like last minute sewing. I finished the binding on the first one during my lunch hour at work yesterday and the second one last night around 8pm. My shoulders and hands are kinda achy though--from now on I will plan other projects as breaks between quilts.

But enough talking, here are the pics. Sorry that I couldnt do natural light, but by the time I finished them it was dark!!

Green sashing

Blue sashing


Both quilts together with soft cuddly backs showing

Folded close-up. You can see the quilting better on this one.

All tied up, ready to go!

One thing I learned about myself is that I need to watch myself as I tend to get smaller and smaller and tighter and tighter with the quilting as I go on. I do the same thing with knitting. I think it has to do with my natural personality, which is somewhat like Cameron in Ferris Beuller. Coal + My Ass = Diamond. Ha!!


Maggie said...

LOL! I find that listening to classical music or really mellow music helps me keep a steady pace.

I've always loved this quilt but I haven't had occasion to make it yet.

gwensews said...

Ha !!! Nice quilts. I'm sure they will be well loved.

Mistea said...

Two gorgeous quilts. thanks for sharing.

Sewfast said...

You did a great job on those quilts...very cute!!!

Summerset said...

Aww . . they're super cute! You did a great job!

Dana said...

soooooo cute!!

amy smart said...

These are wonderful! Great job.

Anonymous said...
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