12 May 2009

So productive I don't even know what to do with myself

A very productive weekend for me! First, I made a quick Jalie top to wear to our usual Second Saturday swing dance in Richmond. Fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics, of course.

I had a few problems with it, mostly of my own creation. I tried to do a FBA, forgetting that I usually don’t need to with Jalie knit shirts. But after fiddling with it for a while, it was pronounced Good Enough and worn happily to the dance. I like the style and it was pretty easy to put together. I am sure I will do another one and not try to “fix” it and then it will turn out splendidly. All I see are fitting issues, but I got many compliments on it at the dance, so perhaps to the non-sewing eye it looked fine.

Most of the sewing was quilting stuff. I am still in progress on the Giraffe Baby quilts. The tops are done now, and I spent the weekend practicing free motion quilting. Here was my very first attempt.

Not perfect, but not too shabby for a first try. But I wanted a bunch more practice before I quilted on the Baby quilts, particularly since they are a gift. I decided to make a very small little quilt to put on the cat’s window seat, a Cat Mat. I figured the cats wouldn’t care if the quilting was a little wonky! 

I whipped together this quilt top and quilted it as my second practice piece.

Much better! Still not perfection, but good enough to start on the Baby quilts. I set it aside to do the binding later.

I actually finished the quilting on one of the Baby quilts and started the binding. There are a few boo-boos, but I don’t think they are noticeable and I really feel like I am getting the hang of free-motion quilting on my machine. But all of these projects are very small, so doing the Mod quilt will still be an adventure. I will try to have pictures of the finished quilt top tomorrow, but no promises as I am meeting with Vintage Pants dude again tonight to go over some changes he wants in the pants.

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Parting shot: The children are enjoying the end of rain and the opening of the house.


The Slapdash Sewist said...

I think the free motion quilting looks great!

Summerset said...

Yes, you have been busy! Keep practicing the free motion. I have to be relaxed and in the right frame of mind to do it well. I always think about making Snoopy heads and puffy clouds when I free motion stipple.

gwensews said...

That's a pretty top. If there are fitting issues, they aren't detected in the photo. You're doing great with the free motion quilting. Honestly, some people are never able to get it. Good for you.

Gorgeous Things said...

I think it looks very cute. And face it, when you're dancing, no one is going to notice any fitting issues. :)

One Flew Over said...

What a fantastic first attempt at machine quilting! I am off to a class in a few weeks and would be SO pleased if my first attempt is as good as yours! Love the pic of the cats!

Tania said...

I'm in absolute awe. Real profesh-like grown up person clothing and some fine quilting. I'm terrified of both of those but I'm beginning to understand it's a case of what can you lose(?) and dive on in...