09 March 2009

But not for me

I have been doing a lot of sewing lately, but not for me. Alterations and other commission work. Including this diaper bag that I whipped up this weekend.

I experimented with my usual diaper bag pattern and added a zipper closure on top by request. It turned out pretty spiffy. I love the fabric and now have lots of scraps that I think will become a bag for me!

This weekend is The Husband's birthday (he is a pi baby!) and we are going to a dance down in Richmond. So hopefully I will have a new dress made for me by then. I am making the Hot Patterns Kimono Wrap Dress and I really hope it turns out. Sadly, I have not always had the best of luck with Hot Patterns, but I love their styles so much that I keep buying and keep trying. I have it all cut out ready to sew.....but sewing for others sometimes kills my mojo, so I have a backup dress in the closet just in case I don't get to it. Or in case it turns out to be a hot mess.

And before I forget (again!), big thanks to Amy and Ann for the Sisterhood Award nominiations! Yay!


Gorgeous Things said...

That bag is great!!

gwensews said...

Smashing! Love the stripes.

BeeBee said...

It's now repetitive, I also nominated you for the sisterhood award.