25 February 2009


Had dentist appointment this morning, so drove car to metro.

Parked at metro.

Took bus home. Car still at metro.


Husband annoyed at having to drive me to metro to get car.

I do not blame him.

If you have seen my mind, will you please tell it to scoot along home? I could use it.


Claire S. said...

One of 'those days' was it ? I've been there too LOL !

Claire S. said...
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Paulette said...

Oh poor thing.....hopefully you look back at this and laugh..soon. :)

Amy said...

Hi! There's an award for you on my blog. If you're interested, please go by and pick it up!

BTW, I can totally relate to the "lost my mind" thing. Mine leaves me on a regular basis.

Amy said...
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My Big Mouth said...

Lol,we have all done something like this at one point or another.
I laugh because I know the feeling.
Btw,I bought me a scrabble tile pendant about 6 months ago from the same place you got yours.I love mine!

BeeBee said...

I always say to be careful and not step on my brain if you see it rolling around unattended. But going to the dentist would have this affect on me, too. Hope you find your mind, soon. I still miss mine.

Gorgeous Things said...

I haven't done that, but DH has. I was annoyed at him. But I got over it.

I just nominated you for a Sisterhood award. :)