18 January 2009


I haven't gotten out of bed since Friday. Ow. Lots of eggs means lots of pain.

Have orange kitty Fred here, who is suffering very little after his eye surgery--a little face puffiness, but nothing that has stopped him from wrestling with his brother and sister.

Am hoping to get up tomorrow and do a bit of sewing. I must enjoy my long weekend somehow. I have a lovely new bag planned, as my old one is looking a little ragged around the edges. Also must get diaper bag made for delivery on Wednesday to one of The Husband's co-workers. Does sewing count as operating heavy machinery? Cause I am not supposed to do that on Vicodin. :-)

I get Monday and Tuesday off--yay to my company for not making us commute into the city for inaugural insanity. Will avoid going out Tuesday at all costs. Hopefully it will all be back to normal on Wednesday and the metro will be functioning normally again.


Gorgeous Things said...

Ooo, ow! I hope you feel better soon! I'd suggest an 800mg Advil, but that's probably not allowed, nor a glass of red wine. Sigh...

Well, rest up, and hopefully you'll be able to get to the sewing room during the inauguration!

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

No...definitely not heavy machinery. Wow...I would dread having to deal with inaguaration traffic...I love my little town!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Thanks for the sweet comments you've left me!

*Sally* said...

hope you feel better!

djStoreRoom said...

No machines while on medication..

Sometimes, I really feel like sewing, but when on medication, I felt downright googgy and even dizzzy..

So, remember, NO SEWING while on medication...

We should be vigilant about this.. Or else, once the needle hits into the finger, we wouldnt be able to sew for a very long time...

Rest well and no sewing..

I must sound really naggy.. But well.. remember.. No sewing...

Hhaha.. Got a smile from you??